GIS Enabled Real Estate Directory

GIS Enabled Real Estate Directory


With the evolution of internet, people began to manage their personal and business activities online. As we use web based email clients, e-stores, online newspapers, we also use online real estate sites to find our new living places, new offices and lands.

There are considerable amount of web sites regarding to online real estate business. However, most of these sites cannot go further than being carbon copies of each other. They generally serve text-only data or limited amount of images to represent the real estate which does not meet the expectations. The user requires more visual representation of the real estate such as the location, multiple angle views of the property including panoramic images and videos. This visual data will help the real estate agent or individual seller to market the property better and minimize the turnover period. Another issue regarding to online real estate business is that the users are limited to mark their properties with the limited amount of predefined attributes. Thus custom attributes that does not exist in system cannot be used as a search criteria. A tagging mechanism fits perfectly to this scenario where agents can mark the properties with their own tags and customers can filter their searches by selecting these tags.

Geographic Information System (GIS) supported map representation of the real estate will help the customers to obtain geographical and general information about the location of the property. Thus a user will have a better idea not only the property itself but also the neighborhood.

With these facts given, the aim of this system is to build a better online real estate web site for both agents and the customers.

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